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Spirit Ford is now offering a Retail Rental Car Service. We have a full fleet of rental cars including Focus, Fusion, Escape, Edge, Explorer and more! Call us today at 734-224-5037 or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with more information on our car rental service

Reasons for renting a car from Spirit Ford

  • Ability to test drive the newest Ford models before leasing or purchasing your next vehicle.
  • Ability to choose a specific model while your vehicle is being serviced
  • Ability to have a smaller or larger vehicle for a long getaway weekend
  • Ability to try something different for an extended period of time

Policies & Information

All daily rates are based on a 24 hour rental period. Taxes are not included and vehicles are release with a minimum of 1/4 tank of gas and must be returned with a 1/4 tank or more to avoid refueling surcharges. Signed rental agreement is required that may include additional policies or details. Spirit Ford will only rent vehicles to those at least 21 years of age and that have a valid Michigan drivers license. You must have a valid credit card on file, provide proof of valid full coverage insurance, and only the listed driver under the signed agreement may drive the rental car.

Rental Car Reservation Policy

Reservations can be made the same day, although availability is not guaranteed and Spirit Ford advises contacting the reservation team prior to pick up for the best experience. Cancellations may be made up to 48 hours before the scheduled pick up time to avoid rental charges.

Rental Car Pick up / Drop Off Locations

Spirit Ford does not offer one-way rental options and all vehicles must be returned the pick up location at 4402 Ann Arbor Rd • Dundee MI 48131

Rental Car Mileage Limitation

Your rental car included 200 miles per 24 hour day or 2,000 miles with a pre-paid one week rental rate. *Mileage charge of 30 cents per mile over those will be added.

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Rental Rates

Special offer on 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford Fusion Hybrid Rental Rate

Ford Fusion Hybrid Rental Rate

$35.95 per day

Special offer on 2018 Ford Escape Ford Escape Rental Rate

Ford Escape Rental Rate

$39.95 per day

Special offer on 2019 Ford Edge Ford Edge Rental Rate

Ford Edge Rental Rate

$49.95 per day

Special offer on 2019 Ford Explorer Ford Explorer Rental Rate

Ford Explorer Rental Rate

$59.95 per day

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